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Foods That Should Never Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

May 26, 2023

Beware: Don’t Dump These 8 Foods Down Your Garbage Disposal

Breaking up food scraps and small items like eggshells with a garbage disposal can be a convenient way to clean up after cooking, but some foods are not meant for the disposal. 

Before you dump any of these eight foods down your garbage disposal, ensure you know what harm they can do. From starchy vegetables to nutrient-rich seafood, read on to find out why it’s important to beware of these items.

Starchy Vegetables

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other starchy vegetables are a no-go for the garbage disposal. These foods will turn into a sticky paste that can clog the drain or blades in the disposal. 


Though it may seem like eggshell fragments would break down easily in the disposal, they create minuscule granular waste that can easily stick to sludge in your pipes and clog up your garbage disposal in no time.

Coffee Grounds

Don’t let your morning coffee clog your pipes! Coffee grounds are too dense for most garbage disposals and will cause clogs or jams if you put them down the drain. 


Grease is one of the biggest culprits for clogs and jams in the disposal. When grease cools, it becomes a thick paste that can adhere to blades and other disposal parts.

Fruit Pits

While some smaller pits may break down easily in the garbage disposal, others, like peach or avocado pits, are too hard for your disposal to handle and can destroy the blades.

Fibrous Vegetables

Celery, onions, and artichokes are all examples of fibrous vegetables that should not be put down the garbage disposal. The stringy fibers can wrap around the blades and cause jams or clogs.

Meat Bones

Though animal bones may seem like they would break down easily in the disposal, they’re too hard for the blades to handle. They can also get stuck in your pipes and cause serious clogs or blockages.

Seafood Shells

Seafood shells, such as crab and lobster shells, are extremely dense, which can corrode your garbage disposal if put down the drain. It’s best to discard these shells in the trash or compost pile. 

By avoiding these eight foods, you can help ensure your garbage disposal runs smoothly and doesn’t get clogged or jammed up. If you ever find yourself with a jammed or clogged disposal, contact a professional plumber for assistance. Don’t attempt to fix the problem alone, as you could risk damaging the disposal or pipes.

Garbage Disposal Services in Utah

Following this guide and being cautious with your food waste can help keep your home’s plumbing system in top shape. If you have a clogged garbage disposal, you can count on the plumbers at Craig’s Services in Davis County, Utah, for exceptional services. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment.