Bob Gray

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Just wanted to let everyone know the experience I received from Craig’s Services in Bountiful UT. I don’t think a more trust worthy and reputable HVAC company exists. They have continually and consistently gone above and beyond my expectations. Their responsiveness is immediate, thier solutions are reliable and thier professionalism is second to none. I had a 16 year old HVAC system that was running on life support (some off brand cheap furnance and a/c). It rapidly started to develop some significant reliablity issues, Craig’s services was able to keep it running until we could adequately plan for a furnance and a/c replacement. Once we decided to replace it, they helped us decide on what the best replacement options were. That decision was not easy with many questions on our side and several in person meetings to discuss and plan our replacement. I’m sure they were tired of getting continual questions from us, but this was a significant home improvement and financial decision for us. Once the new system arrived, it was installed and functional the same day. Several minor issues after the installation were addressed immediately. We also discovered that our old system had a very large crack in the heat exchanger potentially causing carbon monoxide poisioning in our home. That explains some of the popping and cracking we heard each morning from our old system. I could go on and on about warranty, rebates, financing optoins etc etc but this review is already too long. If you need **ANYTHING** HVAC related the first people I would call is Craig’s Services.

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